Product Development

SoftBaugh is a product development company specializing in electronics, firmware and supporting host software, as well as the capability of designing custom enclosures and supporting mechanical parts for prototypes.

Typical custom development clients and customers of our products have included:
- Fortune 500 companies
- Defense contractors
- Government laboratories
- Universities
- Small businesses
- and garage-based entrepreneurs

Typical applications include:
- Consumer products
- Industrial automation
- Medical devices
- Nuclear safety devices
- Undersea, underground and down-hole sensors and loggers
- Heavy equipment automation
- Vending machines
- Avionics
- Engine controllers
- Security devices
- Space applications

Our skillset includes, but is not limited to:
- Embedded firmware development
- Low- and ultra-low power digital electronic design
- High-voltage/high-power analog design, with interfaces to the above
- Tablet and other handheld development
- Host PC development
- Test fixtures and interfaces
- Web- and host- data management and reporting
- 3D printing of prototype enclosures and mechanical components
- Refactoring obsolete designs into modern components and interfaces