Stronghold Single Zone Protection System


The Stronghold Single Zone Protection System is designed to defend one point, area or entrance against hostile perpetrators using a combination of acoustic and strobe deterrents. This system can operate in stand-alone mode with optional third-party trigger devices, or integrate upstream or downstream of existing security systems and panels. Multiple Zone Protection Systems can be chained together to protect a practically unlimited number of zones. Dual version also available.

Stronghold Benefits to Operators
• Low-cost and fully-integrated protection solution compared to expensive, piece-meal alternatives.
• Use to protect saferoom or emergency shelter entrances, or high-risk point-of-sale stations, such as
convenience stores, pharmacies, jewelry stores, pawn shops or other high-value retailers.
• Can reduce or prevent employee or bystander claims for liability.
• Provides a non-lethal option to complement armed security in high-risk installations.
• Provides protection for medium-risk installations that may otherwise be unprotected.
• Low-voltage wiring (12 volts) avoids costly code or union installation issues in some areas.
• Uses normal two- or four-wire security system cable, no special cables required.
• Strong 16 gauge control and power panel enclosure can securely host other components if desired.
• Lithium iron phosphate battery in control and power panel simplifies maintenance.
• Multiple installation and wiring alternatives increase flexibility.
• Do-it-yourself installation option decreases risk of detection or anticipation.
• High-capacity battery ensures system availability even during a prolonged power outage.