Stronghold Acoustic Deterrent

Price table: 
0 - 1$199.00
2 - Unlimited$189.00

Intruders are getting more bold and care less and less about alarms or traditional sirens. Chase them away with a piercing pain field!

⚫ 122-124 dB output (typical at 1 meter)
⚫ Spread-spectrum deterrent tone increases perception of pain
⚫ Integrates easily with existing alarm panels (12v input)
⚫ Simple 2-wire installation (connect to panel's bell output as with traditional siren)
⚫ Large, user-friendly terminal block (no splicing or wire nuts required)
⚫ Low current draw: 180mA (maximum in burglary mode)
⚫ Separate, non-painful 104 dB fire alarm buzzer tone (compatible with temporal-3 coded input)
⚫ No proprietary batteries or other consumables