Field Phone Host Module Basic Bundle

Price table: 
0 - 1$79.00
2 - Unlimited$75.00

⚫Your own personal wired telephone system. Great for defending against zombies, or just for fun.
⚫Uses normal off-the-shelf wired telephones.
⚫Provides wired communication between fixed shelters, such as homes, barns or sheds.
⚫Save those expensive, hard-to-find, and rugged military field phones for mobile use.
⚫Operates from and charges an 18650 lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, allowing operation during limited power outages.
⚫Reverse battery protection.
⚫Accepts charging voltages between 6v to 30v, allowing a wide variety of power inputs, including wall adapters, car or truck batteries or direct solar panel inputs. See manual for FCC-compliant external configurations and tips for those wishing to experiment with additional homebuilt or mobile configurations.
⚫Reverse input power protection.
⚫Two separate phone circuits which can be conferenced with a two-line master phone or bridged locally.
⚫Silent LED call indicator, or optional quiet piezo call indication.
⚫Remote phones support call indication via a separate ring interface module.
⚫Flexible integration of ring interface and handset options.
⚫3.5 mm audio connector for monitoring system use or recording calls for training purposes.
⚫Flexible extension to future remote station options including advanced headsets, sensor and actuators, and data terminal devices.
⚫Line protection against transients.
⚫Includes an 1100 mAh 18650 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, hazardous material shipping restrictions apply
⚫Includes power supply filtering choke and EMI capacitor for external battery charging. See manual for how and when to install for maintaining FCC compliance.